UG: Registrar entreats students affected by CGPA dismissal directive to reapply to university

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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Registrar of the University of Ghana,
Mrs. Emelia Naa Kwantsua Agyei-Mensah has entreated affected students who did not meet the required cumulative Grade Point of 1.0 to reapply for the University.

She was giving her closing remarks during the UG@75 Panel Discussion at the Great Hall on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, on the theme ‘Back to the Future: Conversations with Former UG Captains on Wear UG Day.’

She encouraged affected students not to lose hope with their education following the circumstances, hence presenting the opportunity for reapplication in a program in the University.

“I would like to touch briefly on the issue of students withdrawing from the University because they do not meet the minimum CGPA threshold of 1.0. We would like to reiterate that this is not a new regulation that has just been introduced, it’s been in our books for a very long time just that it has not been enforced regularly.”

“I would like to encourage affected students not to give up or to see this as the end of the road. Such students who are affected can reapply to the University of Ghana either for the same program or for different programs that probably are better suited for them or they may also apply to other Universities to continue their education.”

She further urged affected students to visit the University’s Careers and Counselling Centre (UGCCC) to discuss their available options with relevant bodies of the University.

“I encourage some affected students to engage with the University’s Careers and Counselling Centre or with academic advisors in the various departments to discuss what the options available are to them.”

Meanwhile, Former Vice-Chancellor Professor Ernest Aryeetey charged the university community to reposition itself to be set apart from other tertiary institutions in terms of societal impact.

“The world that Legon was born into is very different, the country has different kinds of problems but even more important is that the scope of the problem is much much larger than it was in 1948. So, Legon has to think creatively about dealing with this new Ghana with its new set of problems how do we face it?”

“It has to be in my view a different Legon but also different from other Universities in Ghana and elsewhere. So the whole idea of differential who does Legon position itself as a different type of University that is there to solve Ghana’s problems whether it’s poverty, poor agricultural productivity, or unemployment it’s Legon’s mission to solve those problems that is how the types of programs that you run will be informed. That’s how the type of faculty that you need will be determined and that is how funding will also be arranged.”

In line with the focus of the 75th Anniversary celebration to reflect on the existence and impact of the University of Ghana for the past 75 years and to strategize for a more prosperous future, the 75th Anniversary Planning Committee is organizing an interactive session titled “Back to the Future: Conversations with Former UG Captains”.

The objective of this program is to engage former leaders of the University to share with the audience, invaluable insights on the historical trajectory of the University as we retrace our steps back to our origins and assess how well we have lived up to our core mandate “to create an enabling environment that makes the University of Ghana increasingly relevant to national and global development through cutting edge research as well as high-quality teaching and learning.”

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