Ghana-Burkina Faso security operation hunts for suspected terrorists in Sissala West District

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Ghana and Burkina Faso law enforcement agencies have launched a coordinated security operation to locate individuals believed to be terrorists hiding in the Fatchu area of the Sissala West District.

According to information obtained from the Sissala West District Police Command, it suspected that these individuals crossed the border from Burkina Faso into Ghana on Wednesday, September 27, at approximately 11:45 AM, reports.

During the raid on their hideout, several items were discovered, including a Ghanaian voter ID card, two mobile phones, an unspecified quantity of ammunition, clothing, and eight bicycles, among other belongings.

A closer examination of the recovered mobile phones revealed photographs of men dressed in attire associated with terrorist groups.

One individual, approximately 40 years old, bore a striking resemblance to a wanted terrorist in Burkina Faso who goes by the name Diallo Noufou.

Interestingly, the Ghanaian voter ID card found in possession of this individual listed the name Abdulai Ibrahim.

In response to this development, security services in Gwollu have been alerted, and are currently conducting intermittent patrols in and around the Fatchu area.

The joint operation aims to ensure the safety and security of the region while tracking down and apprehending any potential threats.

Source: GhanaWeb

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