40 Chief Inspectors sue IGP Dampare over delayed promotions

Sika Togoh
Sika Togoh
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Forty Chief Inspectors within the Ghana Police Service have initiated legal action against the Inspector -General Of Police (IGP) ,Dr George Akuffo Dampare, alleging that they have been subjected to an unjustifiable denial of promotions.

This legal action has been formalized through a writ submitted to the High Court in Kumasi.

In their writ, these police officers assert that they have been systematically excluded from a series of promotional opportunities initiated by the police service.

These promotions were specifically aimed at granting special amnesty to officers who had acquired degrees before the year 2020, particularly those who were inducted into the service subsequent to this time.

The crux of their argument is that, despite serving in the police force for a substantial duration ranging from 25 to 30 years, they have been denied the opportunity to advance their careers.

They contend that their junior colleagues, who are beneficiaries of the same amnesty program, have been promoted while they have been denied entry into the Police Academy, a pivotal step in their journey toward becoming Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASPs).

In light of these circumstances, the 40 plaintiffs, as outlined in the writ available on Graphic Online, are now seeking legal remedy. They are urging the court to issue an order compelling the IGP and other defendants to elevate their ranks, provide them with direct access to the Police Academy, and compensate them for the financial losses they have incurred due to the failure to secure promotions.

This situation is ongoing, and further developments may follow.

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