Shake up at Minerals Commission after Shama quarry site explosion

Sika Togoh
Sika Togoh
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The Minerals Commission has reshuffled key personnel in the Western Region including the transfer of the regional Director.

The move comes in the wake of a quarry explosion that rocked the Shama District of the Western Region last Sunday, September 10, 2023.

The reshuffle aims to address concerns and improve oversight of mining and quarry operations in the region according to a report filed by several media houses days after the gory incident occurred.

The Western Regional Director, whose jurisdiction includes the site of the recent explosion, has been reassigned to Koforidua.

The Minerals Commission on the other hand has appointed Samuel Gyabaah, a mining engineer with 18 years of service at AngloGold Ashanti, as the new Regional Head for the Western Region.

Gyabaah was previously heading the Ashanti Regional Office and will now take on the critical role of overseeing mining and quarry activities in the Western Region.

Concurrently, Desmond Boahen, also a seasoned mining engineer, has been transferred from the Takoradi office to Koforidua, where he will assume the role of Regional Head.

These changes in leadership according the commission are expected to bring a renewed focus on safety and compliance within the mining and quarry sector.

Furthermore, the Minerals Commission has named Paul Dawson, a mining engineer with a 20-year career, including work with Newmont Ghana Gold Limited as the Environmental Manager, as the new Regional Head for the Ashanti Regional Office.

“The Minerals Commission has appointed a new Regional Head for the Western Region. Mr Samuel Gyabaah a mining engineer who had worked with AngloGold Ashanti for 18 years and the Head at the Ashanti Regional Office has been transferred from Kumasi to Takoradi.”

“Mr. Desmond Boahen also a mining engineer has been transferred from the Takoradi office to Koforidua as the Regional Head. Paul Dawson a mining engineer who worked with Newmont Ghana Gold Limited for twenty as the Environmental Manager is now the regional head for the Ashanti Regional Office.”

It is widely speculated that these transfers are a direct response to the quarry explosion in the Shama District, which raised questions about safety and regulatory enforcement in the region.

The report added that a source within the Minerals Commission has suggested that additional transfers involving District heads may also be in the pipeline as part of broader reforms.

However, in light of the recent incident and as a proactive measure, the Chief Inspector of Mines has issued a directive to all regional heads to conduct comprehensive audits of quarry operations within their respective regions.

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