UG: School of Law Valedictorian talks academic challenges, learning strategies

Frimpong Collins
Frimpong Collins
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Valedictorian of the 2023 graduand batch of the University of Ghana’s School of Law, Abigail Nakuor Wowolo has been sharing her academic experiences and challenges she faced as a student.

Ms. Wowolo was Crowned as the Valedictorian with a Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) of 3.72 at the 2023 University of Ghana School of Law graduation ceremony.

In an interview with Universnews, Nakuor revealed a some of the academic challenges she encountered as a student, which includes attempts at absorbing academic materials in her earlier days as a student. 

She claimed that the attempts were her biggest challenge in her school life, as she surmised what she would be writing in the examination.

“Trying to absorb everything that I was being taught was my biggest challenge. I was not expecting the load of work. I used to wonder before an exam how am I going to study and remember everything,” she said.

Nakuor further professed that pondering about how to navigate around a load of work the Law School presented made her discover that the essence of strategising to study efficiently.

“As a Law Student, you have to read but you need a strategy. If you want to go by the usual ‘I am trying to read everything and remember everything’, it will not work. You have to sit down and get a strategy that best works for you.”

The Valedictorian, through the experience she has on her sleeves suggested some strategies that students in general must employ to help them achieve academic success.

“Students must understand who they are and what kind of learners they are. Are you the type that can sit for about four hours to study? Or do you learn from what the lecturer says in class? If yes then, you are an audio listener. You need to avert your mind on audios by going for group studies,” Nakuor added.

Abigail Nakuor advised students to resist the common pressure to go to the library to study. She implied that a study environment is subjective to the student’s strength.

“The fact that your mates go to the library for hours does not mean you should also go to the library. My Level 100 days, I can spend about 8 hours in the library and I will use about 5 hours to press my phone or look at everyone coming in. But I could study uninterruptedly on my bed for three hours,” she added.

Abigail was not only committed to academic work, but she was also involved in many extracurricular activities. She served as a member of University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC) Judicial Board and also became the Chief Justice of the Jubilee Hall Junior Common Room (JCR) in 2022.

Abigail Nakuor also familiarized herself with the media when she later became the Radio Broadcast Legal Outreach Committee Head of the Law Student’s Union.

Abigal Nakuor is currently a fellow of the Public Interest Law and Advocacy Fellowship of the Noble Law Group.

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