UG: “Students must collaborate with C3SS to combat climate change” – Exe. Dir. for CCSE Ghana suggests

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Climate change researcher and Executive Director of the Centre for Climate and Sustainability Empowerment, Mr. Hussein Kassim is encouraging students in the University of Ghana to collaborate with the University’s Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies (C3SS) to combat the rampancy of the effects of climate change on the global atmosphere.

Mr. Kassim was speaking to UniversNews on the importance of the involvement of students in the combat of climate change in Ghana and eventually, the globe.

He highlighted the roles students can play in the fight against climate change on campus, touching on the use of advocacy and environmentally friendly policies.

“Students can play a vital role in addressing climate change on campus by advocating sustainable practices, participating in environmental clubs and organizations, supporting renewable energy initiatives, reducing waste, and encouraging the adoption of environmentally friendly policies on campus.”

Mr. Hussein further highlighted the collaborative opportunities available for students on the university campus. He added that students can make use of social media as a tool in the movement for climate change.

“Students can connect with a broader youth climate movement through social media, attending climate conferences and events, and participating in climate strikes. They can also join or start or join local chapters on global climate organizations to collaborate with like -minded individuals worldwide.”

According to Mr. Kassim, the collaboration between students and the Centre will reflect a collective effort to empower students and address the pressing issues of climate change. By recognizing the impact of students’ activities on the climate and actively involving them in decision-making processes, this alliance would tap into the immense potential of the youth to drive sustainable change in the protection of the global climate.

About CCSE

The Centre for Climate and Sustainability Empowerment (CCSE) is a youth led Non-Profit Organization committed to educating, engaging and empowering youth and women in developing innovative climate solutions in vulnerable communities in Ghana to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate Change.

Story by : Brian Herman Bebli-Dussey |

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