Ghana Police Service interdicts officers involved in IGP removal plot

Sika Togoh
Sika Togoh
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The Ghana Police Service has announced the interdiction of three officers in connection with a leaked audio tape that has become the subject of investigation by Parliament.

The tape was recorded by Daniel Bugri Naabu, former Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP in his Osu office during a meeting with affected officers.

Commissioner of Police (COP) George Alex Mensah, Superintendent Emmanuel Eric Gyebi, and Superintendent George Lysander Asare have been interdicted to facilitate disciplinary proceedings in accordance with Police Service regulations.

The interdiction follows an ongoing investigation into an alleged plot to remove the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare.

The investigation took an intriguing turn when two senior police officers, whose voices were believed to be on the secret recording detailing the plan, leveled accusations against the IGP.

COP George Mensah, who was identified on the recording, previously alleged that the IGP had orchestrated the recording through a certain ASP Asante Antwi and leaked it himself. Superintendent George Asare, also believed to be heard on the tape, recently provided his testimony before the parliamentary ad hoc committee overseeing the matter.

During his testimony, Superintendent Asare claimed to possess credible but sensitive information that implicated the IGP in the secret recording.

He further alleged that the IGP had collaborated with Bugri Naabu after Naabu had informed him of someone who desired the IGP’s position.

Superintendent George Asare stated, “I also have the same intel that the IGP agreed with Bugri Naabu after Bugri Naabu had gone to inform the IGP that somebody wants your post.”

However, due to the sensitive nature of this information, he suggested providing additional details during an in-camera interrogation.

COP Mensah supported Superintendent Asare’s allegations, asserting that he possessed incontrovertible evidence that the IGP was responsible for masterminding and leaking the recording himself. When questioned about the whereabouts of the original copy of the audio, COP Mensah directed the committee to request it directly from Dr. Dampare, as he claimed the IGP was in possession of it.

This recent development in the ongoing investigation has raised more questions than answers.
The bipartisan committee overseeing the matter may need to conduct further investigations to uncover the truth behind the alleged plot to remove the IGP.

Grace Ansah-Akrofi, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Director of Public Affairs, urged the public to remain patient as the investigation unfolds.

She reiterated the Police Service’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in serving the nation.

The interdiction of these high-ranking officers underscores the seriousness with which the Ghana Police Service handles issues of misconduct within its ranks.

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