IGP Oust Leaked Tape: Parliamentary Committee uncovers new recording

Sika Togoh
Sika Togoh
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The  Parliamentary Committee investigating a leaked audio tape related to a plot against the Inspector General of Police has uncovered a new recording, adding a new twist to the ongoing investigation.

The development arises as two of  the two senior Police officers serving as key witnesses in the committee sitting have disclosed that certain parts of the initial tape might have been doctored.

Chairman of the Committee, Samuel Atta Akyea, disclosed this information to the media after the latest proceedings. He explained that the committee will now deliberate on whether to hold an in-camera hearing and will be guided by the evidence presented.

Akyea stated, “We have the benefit of a tape, on the assumption that it’s authentic. Members of the committee will have to listen to the tape and read the transcript, which will give us ideas on what to do next. First of all, do we bring all the stakeholders together with their lawyers for cross-examination and cross-firing to take place while listening attentively? And then, after they have finished, will we have our turn?”

He added, “And then, are there matters which should not come into the public domain because of national security  implications? So we will hold a long in-house or in-camera hearing, and then we will make some sense of it. This is how we are going to proceed. We will be guided strongly by the fact that this is not a simple exercise and that not everything should be fed to the public.”

The sitting of the committee has been adjourned sine die as the committee mulls over the next line of action to take after gathering some key information to help settle the highly controversial case since it got public attention.

According to the Chairman of the committee , due to the highly sensitive nature of  some of the submissions to be given to the committee bordering on national security, a part of the testimony by the witnesses will be admitted in camera to protect vital security information that will bother on the overall safety of the nation.

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