“Confidence is key to achieving dreams” – Miss Teen Tourism Int’l ’23 encourages young girls

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Radio Univers
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Miss Teen Tourism International 2023, Pamela Chahine has strongly encouraged young girls to build confidence as a step towards achieving their dreams and goals in life.

According to her, these young girls should not allow the opinion of others to define them.

She made the statement on “The Ladies Point Show” hosted by Nana Abena Grant on Radio Univers.

She also encouraged females aspiring to become Miss Teen Tourism International not to center the pageant on beauty, but on confidence and intelligence. Chahine believes that with self-confidence and determination, young girls can reach their goals and make a difference in the world.

“Beauty doesn’t matter, it’s just confidence and intelligence….you can be beautiful and you might not know anything. If you are confident, you can achieve anything. You don’t need other people’s opinion to know that you’re beautiful. ”

Pamela Chahine emphasized the importance of coexistence through kindness and showing love towards one another. She believes that it is every individual’s responsibility to build the world to a state where everyone can live in harmony.

“Be kind to everyone and love everyone.
Don’t be wicked to others. You don’t know when you might be in a situation and maybe they can be ahead of you. You might have treated them badly and they might not support you when you’re in a time of need.”

Pamela Chahine went on to explain how she found the confidence to shine when she competed in the Miss Teen Tourism International pageant. Through her participation in the pageant, Chahine stated that she was able to build her self-esteem and become more confident in her own abilities.

“I learnt how to be confident because I used to be very nervous….After this beauty pageant I proved to myself and I proved to others that I shouldn’t be afraid to be confident.”

Through this experience, she has been able to develop her leadership skills and use them to make a positive impact in her community.

Fourteen-year-old Pamela Chahine became the youngest representative of the Miss Teen Tourism International 2023  pageant where she emerged winner of the pageant. She was also awarded best student in painting and Mathematics, leading her to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams regardless of their age.

Story by | Henrietta Owusua | univers.ug.edu.gh

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