CEO of SJ Travel, Tour Services reveals journey in turning a globetrotting love into thriving business

John Collins Kaledzi
John Collins Kaledzi
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CEO of SJ Travel and Tour Services, Samuel Jibidar, has revealed how he carved a unique niche in the travel and tour industry by merging his passion for exploring new destinations with his commitment to assisting others to travel.

In an exclusive interview on Talking Business on Radio Univers, he noted that the drive by his passion and love for globetrotting inspired his decision to build a full-fledged business venture.

”I have always had the [passion] for traveling and I have wanted to turn this passion into a business opportunity. I was also motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the international recruitment consultancy as well as helping individuals to find exciting job opportunities in the global tourism sector. This industry does not only allow me to pursue my interest but also make a positive impact on people’s life.”

Whilst reflecting on running the business alongside attending to academics, Samuel Jibidar highlighted the challenges of juggling both activigies successfully. He however noted, that, the key to his success in overcoming these challenges was the use of detailed schedules and allocation of specific time slots for both his academic commitments and business operations.

”Starting and managing a business whilst being a student indeed comes with its own challenges…a major one has been the limited time and resources available to me, balancing coursework, exams and business responsibility can be overwhelming. To overcome these, I have learned to prioritize and manage my time effectively by setting up clear goals, creating schedules and these have helped me to stay focused and organized.”

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs, he stressed on the importance of having a clear vision and a deep understanding of a target market, remarking how crucial it is to also keep learning from setbacks.

“Starting your own business can be rewarding, however, it is very essential to have a clear vision and specific goals. You have to also understand your target market and develop a unique value that sets you apart from your competitors, because whatever you want to do, someone has already started.”

He further encouraged upcoming entrepreneurs to be persevering in their business endeavours.

“You must be prepared to work hard and persevere through challenges because starting a business requires dedication, resilience and willingness to learn from failures. There is going to be ups and downs but you have to learn to stand up when you fall.”

About SJ Travel and Tour Services

SJ travel and tour services is a reputable travel agency that provides a wide range of exceptional services to its customers. With years of industry experience, they have built a strong reputation for their professionalism and expertise in the travel industry.

Their services include international job recruitment, flight bookings, visa assistance, hotel reservations, and travel advisories. Whether you are seeking to relocate abroad to work, planning a family vacation, business trip, or solo adventure, they ensure that all your travel needs are met.

The team at SJ travel and tour services are known for their personalized customer service, ensuring that each client receives individual attention and tailor-made travel packages to suit their preferences and budget.

Their website can be found at .

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