“Don’t rely on policy makers” – Apostle Opoku Onyinah to Ghanaian youth

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Former Head of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah has admonished the youth to challenge their capabilities for their future without relying on policymakers.

He spoke in a media engagement, at the sidelines of a forum held in Accra. The forum was dubbed “Technology Transformation, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Significance for Africans Transformation”, which was organized by the Salt Institute of Ghana.

Professor Onyinah, explained that the ability of the youth to initiate challenges among themselves will prompt the policymakers of the country to establish a more effective system.

The Apostle also advised the youth to inculcate the attitude of change.

“The youth must begin with the resources they have at hand. They should not sit down and rely on policymakers, they must do what must be done for the society’s benefit. In the same vein, the policymakers must be challenged to give opportunities to young people and give them the instrument, the equipment, the resources, they need to be able to support the system. The young people must begin from where they are and have an attitude of change, changing the system begins with them.”

The Institute Director of Strategy, Mawuli Kofi who was also speaking at the forum highlighted that the youth’s role as the foundation for knowledge transformation. According to him, the matter should be regarded as such to enable their capabilities.

“I believe that the bedrock of transformation is knowledge, I have strong belief in the youth because they are the future of the country. Now if you start changing them now, by the time they get to the level of making policy, they will appreciate the importance of how policy should inform the generations after them.”

Mr. Kpfi believes that the youth is the first point of correcting the mistakes of the older generation.

“Our first entry point is the youth because the mistakes of the older generation we will repeat them if we don’t preprogram the thinking of the young people.”

Story by | Mabel Antwi | universnews.ug.edu.gh 

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