Former Radio Univers Volunteer, Paa Kwesi Asare becomes first Ghanaian to win 2023 BBC News Komla Dumor Award

Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
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Former Radio Univers volunteer and Ghanaian television and radio presenter, Paa Kwesi Asare, has emerged as the victor of the esteemed 2023 BBC News Komla Dumor Award.

Paa Kwesi currently holds the position of a TV and radio presenter with Ghana’s notable television station, TV3, where his dedicated service dates back to 2016.

His name now joins the distinguished list of previous laureates, which includes Dingindaba Jonah Buyoya from Zambia, Victoria Rubadiri from Kenya, Solomon Serwanjja from Uganda, Waihiga Mwaura from Kenya, Amina Yuguda from Nigeria, Didi Akinyelure from Nigeria, and Nancy Kacungira from Uganda.

In celebration of this recognition, Paa Kwesi will partake in a three-month engagement with BBC News teams stationed in London.

During his time there, he will engage with the realms of television, radio, and online journalism. This experience will furnish him with the opportunity to refine his journalistic prowess through specialized training, workshops, and guidance provided by eminent BBC journalists.

Conceived in 2015, the award holds the purpose of commemorating the legacy of Komla Dumor, a luminary presenter of BBC World News. Komla was widely acclaimed for his unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive and authentic African narratives.

Expressing his elation, Paa Kwasi Asare asserts, “I am beyond elated to have been selected for the Komla Dumor Award. This award stands as a paramount distinction for any African journalist, and I am profoundly humbled to be placed in the esteemed company of previous remarkable recipients.

Komla Dumor was an authentic trailblazer in the realm of African journalism, and I consider it an immense privilege to be walking in his footsteps. This accolade fuels my determination to relentlessly pursue excellence in my career, and I am exhilarated at the prospect of utilizing this platform to amplify African voices and chronicle the narratives that resonate across our continent.”

The panel of judges was profoundly impressed by the caliber of Paa Kwesi’s journalism, his adeptness at elucidating intricate subjects with clarity, and his steadfast dedication to narrating stories that carry significance.

Liliane Landor, the Senior Controller of BBC News International Services and the Director of the BBC World Service, voices her enthusiasm, stating, “We extend a warm welcome to Paa Kwesi Asare at BBC News. Paa Kwesi shines as a rising star in African journalism. As an impassioned advocate for African stories, we are excited to have him join the BBC in upholding Komla Dumor’s legacy of conveying narratives that hold significance for Africa.”

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