Barber who allegedly killed his SHS 2 girlfriend found dead

Sika Togoh
Sika Togoh
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The barber who was reported some time back this year to have murdered his SHS 2 girlfriend has been found dead in the Eastern region.

According to a local journalist, a resident found the lifeless body of the barber and reported same to the Police who later identified the body to be that of the suspect who has been on the run .

The Police arrived at the scene of the discovery  and identified that the deceased was Akoumani Kwabena , with the body believed to be in an advanced stage of decomposition with a rope tied to a tree in the bush as well as a Ghana card bearing his details.

At the time of filing the report, the Chief and Elders of Nsutam have already poured libation and awaiting the arrival of the town council to come and collect the decaying bones for burial.

On Friday June 2, 2023 , media reports revealed that the remains of an 18 year old SHS 2 student of the New Nsutam Secondary School had been found in town bearing multiple stab wounds on the body which was attributed to her then boyfriend.

The young lady believed to be resident in Accra paid her boyfriend , Akoumani Kwabena a visit in town after take an exeat for midterms from school in June this year and was spotted in the company of the suspect.

Not long after, a customer who came to get a haircut at the shop the culprit discovered the lifeless body of the young lady on the floor with severe knife wounds.

Alarmed by the bizarre spectacle , the eye witness reportedly informed Police in the vicinity who proceeded to the scene to convey the body to the Kyebi Government Hospital for preservation and further investigations.

Subsequently, Kwabena Asoumani was declared  wanted by the Police on the run until his death.

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