MP advocates for frequent testing, vaccination to reduce Hepatitis cases

Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
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The Member of Parliament (MP) for Anyaa Sowutuom Constituency, Hon. Dr. Adomako Kissi has called for frequent testing and vaccination of Hepatitis among the general public.

He was speaking in an engagement with the media, on the sidelines of an organised Seminar of Hepatitis for Constituants at Deseret Hospital, Antie-Aku in the Greater Accra Region. The event was organised to commemorate the World Hepatitis Day which is celebrated annually on July 28.

He called for public awareness of the disease to ensure that individuals are well informed on how to prevent and manage the malady.

”There is a need to bring hepatitis care closer to communities to ensure better access to treatment and care stating, Hepatitis leads to a range of health problems and chronic diseases in many people, the most common cause of liver cancer. It is necessary that more people are made aware of the disease to control its occurrence.”

Hon. Kissi advocated for more vaccination of the disease among the general pubic. He was firm in his belief that the frequent vaccination of the disease would aid in the elimination of the disease nationwide.

”It is also necessary that more people get vaccinated for the disease. The effective coordination, awareness and improving vaccination would assist the country meet its commitment to eliminate viral hepatitis.”

Hon. Kissi also called for frequent testing for Hepatitis among the general public for early detection and treatment of the disease.

He stressed that knowing one’s status assists to identify those that are hepatitis positive, so that it can be monitored and prompt treatment to ensure that complications don’t impact on many.

”A lot of people are not aware of their hepatitis status. They mostly go undetected due to an absence of symptoms until it is too late for treatment. People have to test themselves for the disease frequently so as to ensure that the disease cam be detected early for treatment in case it is present.”

Hon. Kissi also appealed to the government to organise more screening events for the general public.

He also advised the public against any form of practices that may put them at risk of contracting the disease.

”I’m appealing to the government to incorporate hepatitis screening and Vaccination at the community level. I will also use this opportunity to advise the public against unsafe sexual behaviour, unscreened blood transfusion and harmful traditional practices to reduce their exposure to hepatitis infection.”

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