#UGDecides: “I wasn’t aware of my disqualification until statement was sent” – Aki-Ola Aziz speaks

Nana Kwegyirba Koomson
Nana Kwegyirba Koomson
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Aspirant for the University of Ghana Student Representative Council ( UGRSC) Presidential portfolio, Aki-Ola Aziz has revealed that he was oblivious of his disqualification till he saw a statement announcing his disqulification.

The disqualification which was announced in a statement dated was attributed to his running mate’s inability to meet required CGPA of 3.0.

In an interaction on Campus Exclusive, Aki-Ola explained that he was not directly given info on his disqualification. He stated that he had to call on the SRC Electoral Commissioner for answers who in turn denied givng a ruling for the disqualification.

”I woke up to text messages and calls where I found out that I had been disqualified. I quickly called the EC to verify and he said that it wasn’t a decision he had taken.  I decided to follow due process in order to unravel the mystery behind it. Like I said, I believe in due process and we are almost exhausting all the legal channels in the institution. When done, if possible after examinations, the court will sit on this matter after postponement. If we are to go externally to seek regress after exhaustion, we’ll do that,” he added.

He also acknowledged his impact and influence on students as commendable as he stated that his candidature is not a threat to the Student Representative Council. He believed he had the right to be refile his nominations.

”Those that were given the opportunity to refile their nominations, same must be applied to me. I won’t  say that I’m a threat but what I’ll say is that, my impact and influence I have on students is something commendable. My fan base, confidante, colleagues we’re all worried after the latest development, my subsequent disqualification from the UGSRC elections. One thing I’d say is to have faith, we have consulted the office of the dean and we’ve been advised on how to handle the issues”, he said.

In response to Aki-Ola’s disqualification, Former UGRSC-EC, Bright Siaw explained that there are systems in place to probe such mishaps. According to him, it is saddening that qualified aspirants have to be disqualified without any chance of redemption after disqualification of running mates.

”I have seen situations where in UG, there comes a situation where they contest for a position and the vice doesn’t have the required CGPA and the presidential candidate is given an offer to file for a new vice. It’s sad to see such happenings where an aspirant qualifies and as an EC, knowing that the academic affairs, through the Dean, will check all available requirements and one won’t qualify and so both candidates are disqualified without being given a chance when we’re just yards away from elections.”

Story by | Nana Kwegyirba Koomson | univers.ug.edu.gh

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