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Nana Kwegyirba Koomson
Nana Kwegyirba Koomson
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In the bustling city of diverse faces and dreams, we find individuals from all walks of life, each embracing a unique journey towards the ultimate skincare nirvana—a face unmarred by pesky pimples and stubborn acne.

However, as adolescents navigate the transformative years, they often encounter skin-related challenges that can impact their self-confidence and overall well-being. Remember that healthy skin is not just about appearances; it plays a crucial role in one’s overall confidence and emotional well-being. Students face unique challenges that require skincare strategies suited to their busy schedules.

Univers Entertainment took to the streets of University of Ghana campus to have an interaction with some students on their skincare routines to rid pimples and acnes amidst the demands of student life; from balancing academics to managing extracurricular activities.

Some students highlighted diet and the skin hygiene as key factors in their skincare.

”What helped me in level 100 to get rid of my pimples was a cleanser. So I have a dry skin so I started using a foaming cleanser and vitamin C serum then face screen.”

”Well, you don’t have to consume too much oily foods, have a clean face by washing with water before bed.”

”I use Vitamin C serum, then finish it off with my sunscreen before I step out. At times too, it’s vibes and ‘Takashi’ but you just have to get some good skin.”

Others also spoke on using scrubs in maintaining a good skin with another speaking on Vaseline as a great cosmetic remedy.

“I use a turmeric body scrub every three days. I also a soap called black beauty soap on days I don’t use the scrub.”

”Just apply Vaseline before going to bed and hotface towel massage fist thing in the morning and after you go to bed. Use Vaseline on face and lips.”

So, whether you’re a beauty aficionado looking to add a new chapter to your skincare tale or someone starting their journey towards healthy skin, our lifestyle story will inspire you to embrace your unique skin narrative. After all, clear skin is not just a canvas of beauty; it’s a reflection of confidence and self-love, inviting us to share our stories with the world with an undeniable glow.

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