UG: Use of technology to empower translators, not replace human expertise – Prof. Csajbok-Twerefour on Transbureau Office

John Collins Kaledzi
John Collins Kaledzi
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The Head of Department of Modern Languages, Prof. Ildiko Csajbok-Twerefour has revealed plans of empowering translators with the use of the latest technologies to enhance services at the Transbureau office with an assurance that the use of technology will not replace their human expertise.

She made this known at the official relaunch of Transbureau which provides translation, interpretation and other services to the University community and the public at large. The office which was first conceived in 2004 was relaunched on 20th July 2023, at the Maison Française Conference Hall as part of efforts to promote its visibility and expansion of its services.

In her welcome address at the relaunch ceremony, she explained  that the use of technology would also enable the Transbureau to provide  swift services to their clientele.

”We are embarking on a journey to embrace innovation and the latest technologies to enhance our services further. We will invest in cutting-edge translation tools and artificial intelligence solutions, not to replace our human expertise but to empower our translators and streamline the translation process, ultimately providing faster and more efficient services to our clients”.

She added that, the relaunch will enable the Transbureau to expand their services to various sectors of the nation’s economy and the world at large. According to her,  the provision of services will help the growth and development of businesses in the country.

”We aim to expand our reach to new industries and domains, offering specialized translation services in various fields like medicine, law, technology, finance, and more. This diversification will allow us to cater to a broader clientele and contribute to the success of businesses and organizations on a global scale. Another essential aspect of our relaunch is strengthening our ties with international partners and organizations.”

As part of her recommendations, Prof. Ildiko finally called on the University management to employ more staff personnel for the translation office and regard it as a body that provides essential services.

”As we relaunch the Transbureau, we recommend the recruitment of permanent staff by the University for the Transbureau, that will ensure continuity and growth of the Transbureau. We also recommend that the Transbureau be categorized by the University as an officer providing essential services.”

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