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Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo has attributed the recent increase of supplementary resit fees in the school to the costs of running supplementary resit examinations in the University.

The Vice-Chancellor was speaking at the “SRC Day with the VC” program which took place on 19th July, 2023 at the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) conference hall. The program was organized by the SRC to provide students with an opportunity to engage with her in a personal setting.

Addressing the issue of increased supplementary resit fees, the Vice-Chancellor noted that the university has had to invest more resources in order to ensure that students are able to take their exams in a safe and secure environment.

She also highlighted that the additional workload associated with running these exams has put a strain on staff and faculty members, hence the need for more funds.

“It costs money to run exams. Lecturers set questions and a few weeks after, they set a new set of questions. In fact there have been agitations in the past to for us to scrap the supplementary resit altogether because it is so much work for everybody….so you should agree with me that this is a reasonable increase for the extra work that comes with it.”

Speaking on the recent ban of social gatherings in the university community, Professor Nana Aba pointed cited security concerns as the primary reason for the decision.

She emphasized that any activity taking place on campus must be approved by the Dean of Student Affairs before it can be allowed to proceed.

“You must bear in mind that nobody takes delight in putting bans things here and there. They are for good reasons. Earlier on we were talking about security issues and that’s a part of it…..Now remember that yes there is a ban but there is a way out. You need to get permission from the dean of students affairs. And so where you have made a good case to the dean of students, a reasonable one, permission is granted for such activities.”

She also praised the SRC for being a great partner in helping to ensure the smooth running of the University.

“I think that I’m a very lucky vice chancellor. I have enjoyed such an amazing collaboration with the SRC. The SRC is not doing things which is in discord with the general vision of my administration.”

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