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Digital transport system, “Tap n’ Go” has extended its services to the University of Ghana campus with the introduction of their transport app.

The app allows students and staff to easily access and pay for transportation services on campus. This development follows the stakeholder forum held between the “Tap n’ Go” team and the University of Ghana, which aimed to create a collaboration that would benefit both parties.

Speaking in a media engagement, member of the “Tap n’ Go” team, Machid Kofi, explained that the app would provide users with easy access to directions and convenient transportation options.

“With the app, you can just search for directions and the system will automatically find the nearby station to your location and determine your  walk this kilometers to this station and pick a trotro or a taxi. Now it gives a person comfort and gives the person some sought of directions and some information to move around.”

Mr. Kofi stated that the app will ensure uniformity in its pricing

“With the pricing and every other features displayed on the app, there will be a price uniformity. No one is going to overprice passengers because it’s going to be uniform across all transport operators.”

Reacting to the development, Director of Academic Affairs Directorate, Lydia Anowa Nyarko-Danquah at the University of Ghana praised the introduction of the digital system for transportation on the university of Ghana campus. She believed that the platform would facilitate movement on campus for students.

“I see it as making life a little more easier for people on campus and in extension for people in the country. So it’s easier for people to move from place to place.”

Mrs. added that it will also help track drivers who operate on the university campus, ensuring that students have a safe and reliable transportation on campus.

“Right now this system is going to track drivers so that if you pick a taxi on campus you will be able to go back if there’s an issue to resolve it with that person. Right now we have taxis on campus, we have trotros , we have buses but there is no system in place to keep them in track just in case there’s a problem. So that will be very helpful to the community on campus.”

Story by | Henrietta Owusua | univers.ug.edu.gh

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