UG: Printing Press organizes stakeholder engagement to enhance service delivery

Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
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In commemoration of the University of Ghana’s 75th anniversary, the University of Ghana Printing Press organized a stakeholder engagement event at its forecourt. The purpose of the gathering was to gather feedback from clients who utilize the printing press services, with the aim of assessing and improving the quality of their service delivery.

Prior to 2016, the University of Ghana had two independent printing presses operating within its main campus. One was managed by the Department of Communication Studies (DCS), while the other was operated by the Institute of Continuing and Distance Education (ICDE).

However, with the adoption of the collegiate system in 2014, both the DCS and the ICDE were brought under the College of Education. This organizational restructuring necessitated the consolidation of the separate printing units into a single entity, leading to the establishment of the University of Ghana Printing Press as the university’s unified printing service.

During the event’s opening ceremony, the Provost of the College of Education and chairperson of the engagement, Professor Samuel Nii Ardey Cudjoe announced the acquisition of an additional digital press machine. This purchase aims to enhance the printing press’s production capabilities and improve overall efficiency.

He further emphasized on the vital role played by the management in promoting and patronizing the Printing Press within the university community.

“In the quest to make the Press a one-stop-shop for all the printing needs of the university, additional equipment has been purchased to enhance its operations, notably the digital press machine. A financial and marketing strategy has been developed for the Press, which is at an advance stage of implementation. Management of the University in a circular dated March 17, 2023, encouraged units and individuals in the University Community to send all printing works to the UG Press as well as advertise the Press within their networks.”

The Manager of the University of Ghana Printing Press, Nicholas Kingsley Graham also outlined the procedures involved in placing orders with the institution’s printing press. He explained that customers follow a specific process, including discussions with the customer service officer, to ensure smooth order processing.

“The customer will have an initial discussion with the customer service officer for technical support regarding the format, layout, artwork, quantities, paper type for inside and card type for cover. An estimated cost of production is established. The work could either be submitted for designing prior to printing or with the design already done (camera-ready copy) for printing. If the job emanates from the Units in UG, a stamped requisition or an official letter is required before production commences. If it emanates from other institutions, a contract is required followed by completion of a print request form at the customer service office. With respect to individuals, one is required to complete the print request form and pay a commitment fee.”

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the Chairman of the Management Board, Dr. Kweku Mensa-Bonsu, member of the UG Printing Press Management Board, Prof. Gordon Adika acknowledged the continuous support received from both the university management and clients.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Management of the University for the confidence reposed in me to chair the UG Press Management Board and to my colleague members of the Board who have shown a lot of commitment that has resulted in the modest successes we have chalked so far. We however, cannot leave our clients and stakeholders out of our successes. We appreciate you for your continuous trust and patronage and with your feedback and comments today, we will move a step forward in becoming a world-class press providing top-notch printing solutions.”

Finally, The Co-chair of the University of Ghana 75th Committee, Professor Clement Apaak attested to the printing press’s quality, mentioning that a significant portion of the university’s 75th-anniversary printing had been done by the UG printing press. He encouraged individuals to advertise the press and contribute to its growth.

The stakeholder engagement event witnessed the participation of various individuals and stakeholders, demonstrating their commitment to the production of quality work and also assessing them through a questionnaire provided by the University of Ghana Printing Press.

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