UG: CoE Secretary advocates for internal support of Printing Press

Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
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University of Ghana College of Education Secretary, Joseph Oduro Nkansah has advocated for internal support for the development of the University of Ghana Printing Press by the University community.

He was speaking in reference to some concerns that were brought to light during a stakeholder engagement event held at the printing press forecourt, where customers were invited to share their feedback on the current state of the press.

In an exclusive interview with Univers Business, he explained the challenges faced by the university’s printing press due to increasing competition from external press entities. Recognizing this issue, he called upon other units within the institution to support and patronize the university’s own printing press.

“The challenges initially included the situation in which the press had to compete for university printing jobs with outsiders but over times and with proposal to management we have been given with some [new] way so that we have access to printing job by the central administration but we will still like to extend this to all other units in the university.”

He further recommend that the University management makes it mandatory for individuals stakeholders within the university institution to patronize and advertise their services.

“But if the university could make it mandatory I prefer that option than being more unless encouragement to the units. Is more of a suggestion, they can either keep it or leave it.  But if it were done mandatory that every unit in the University is supposed to patronize the service and used the press as a first option that would be much appreciated.”

The University of Ghana Printing Press has improved its production capabilities with the acquisition of advanced equipment, including a digital press for on-demand printing. Since 2018, the press has taken over the printing of various materials for the university, such as brochures, calendars, and answer booklets. They have successfully completed projects like newsletters, conference brochures, research reports, and examination answer booklets for the university and affiliated colleges whilst also offering printing services to external institutions and individuals . With these enhancements, the University of Ghana Printing Press has become a reliable and versatile printing hub, meeting the diverse printing needs of the university and beyond.

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