Gain adequate, necessary skills for job market – CEO of Nelvics Business Dialogues advises students

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CEO of Nelvics Business Dialogues, Akua Sedakor has urged students to gain the necessary skills to prepare them for the job market.

She was speaking at the first program of the Hallapalooza event, ‘Girls Girls Corner’, dubbed “Re-engineering Quality Residential Services: Adapting Technology, Embracing Partnerships”, held at the Mensah Sarbah Dining Hall.

The program was organized to educate female students of the hall on capacity building, personal branding and how women can get into the technology space irrespective of their university major.

Mrs. Sedakor noted that the gaining a skill in contemporary times is not as difficult as it was in the past. She advised students to desist from the mindset of thinking they will immediately get jobs dye to their degrees.

“Getting skills or knowledge today is not as difficult as it was some years back because today knowledge is so common…..make good use of your social media apps especially LinkedIn, on Facebook following the right pages not just the entertainment and fun making pages but pages that are relevant to your field. You will pick a lot of knowledge from experts which will help enhance your skill…..if you want to be really skilled, you have to be ready to make your hands dirty. You have to be ready to apply yourself to whatever skill you want.”

She emphasized that students should make conscious efforts to make the right choices and lay the right foundations in order to succeed in their careers.

“Make a conscious effort to make all the right choices while you are in school and lay the right foundation for yourself. The foundations you can build for yourself are not only political foundations but you can equally build beautiful career foundations.”

She pointed that the culture of our society has played a role in limiting women in male-dominated spaces and there is still more to be done in empowering women to become better.

“Culture shapes us and so a lot of people are already intimidated….society has shaped them that this job is for men, these things need to be done by men and as a woman you don’t have to be too loud. We need to educate people on some of these things so that they can take away these perceptions they were brought up with.”

Story by | Henrietta Owusua| 

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