UG: International Business Coach suggests journalling to students

Aba Adadziewaa Addison
Aba Adadziewaa Addison
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International Business Coach and trainer, Tammy Sherger has urged students to invest in creating a success journal as a way to record important achievements in their lives.

She was speaking at an online seminar organized in commemoration with Information Studies Students Association (ISSA) week’s celebration.

According to her, creating a success journal can easily be embedded into a resume to showcase one’s achievement and quantify their contribution to their success in their career journey.

She also spoke on journalling as a way to induce the sense of accomplishment.

“Everyday, write down two successes because everyday we do things that are successful. But when we write down our successes it allows us to see and acknowledge the progress that we are making. As human beings, one of the most important things we need, is to feel a daily sense of accomplishment.”

Mrs. Sherger also explained that every goal is achievable once there is a desire to improve the inner self for positive change.

“Everything that you want out of this world, you have capability of achieving. Your true power is of the inside. You truly are the ambassador for change in your life.”

Tammy Sherger subsequently added that students must be motivated to be instrumental in positive change and discard negative beliefs that retards an individual’s inner growth. She believes this would improve one’s quality of life and that of others within the environment.

“When you change, and are willing to step out of your fear and take the risk to try new things and not let other people’s beliefs get into the way of your success, you are not just changing your life but that of your family, community and country.”

Tammy Sherger is an International Business Coach & Trainer, Entrepreneur, Author, TEDx and International Speaker from Canada. She is also the Project Founder of “I Am Worth It”, a project meant to address the success gap that exists due to what she describes as a systemic failure to recognize the crucial need for personal development, mindset and essential soft skill training for effective and sustainable success in business.

The project organization currently has offices in Canada and Ghana, specifically Accra.

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