UG: “Speaker won’t sign 2nd semester budget until review to cut down fund allocations” – GA Insider reports

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Insider reports from the University of Ghana General Assembly has disclosed that the Assembly’s Speaker would not sign the Second Semester Budget of the University of Ghana Student’s Representative Council.

This follows the presentation of the UGSRC budget for the second semester of the 2022/2023 academic year.

The budget was presented on a short notice by the SRC Treasurer Michael Kuti on Monday 10th July, 2023 at the SRC Union Building.

The budget, which contains payments for projects and allocations of funds to certain committees within the SRC rounded up to a controversial total amount of Ghc 957, 488.00

Though the budget was passed by the members present at the Assembly’s sitting, undisclosed reliable sources have revealed that the Speaker, Ramzy Ahmad Fuseini will not sign the budget until it is presented to the Dean of Student Affairs.

The sources, which will remain undisclosed for anonymity, explained that the Speaker was also of the stance that the amount allocated to the budget was too high and he would only find it reasonable to sign it if the budget is reviewed to an amount below Ghc 500,000.00.

It was also revealed that the only members who were in attendance had to be given incentives before they could avail themselves to pass the budget.

“Some of the G.A reps who were present at the sitting had to be given some incentives to attend. Now, the budget of GHc 957, 488.00 has been passed but the Speaker would not sign the budget before it is sent to the Dean of Student’s Affairs. Also, he wouldn’t sign the budget unless it is debated and reviewed to be slit down to about Ghc 500,000.00. If it’s more than than that, it can be confirmed that the Speaker would not sign it,” the source revealed.

Meanwhile, some members of the General Assembly complained that they were given late notice to attend the Assembly Sitting which was scheduled for 10 pm.

They revealed that no order paper or early notice from the clerk was given for the meeting to be held.

“We were given late notice; the meeting was scheduled for 10 pm but I received the notice 30 minutes to the sitting. I was confused because I didn’t see any communique or the Order paper on the paper for the sitting. They told me it was a resumption from recess.”

Below is the full documentation of the budget.

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