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Energy Expert and Graduate researcher from the Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies at the University of Ghana, Mr. Eugene Kofi Tetteh has advised students to adopt energy-saving practices to prevent unnecessary energy wastage.

In an exclusive interview with UniversNews, Mr. Tetteh highlighted some common practices students engage in to waste energy.

“Some common energy wastage practices among university students include leaving the lights on. Students often forget to turn off lights where they are living classrooms, study rooms, the libraries or even common areas and this leads to unnecessary energy consumption. Using energy intensive appliances inefficiently such as living refrigerators open for extended period or using high energy setting unnecessarily can also contribute to energy wastage.”

Mr Tetteh also urged students to adopt energy efficient practices and called on the university’s management to play a pivotal role in that regard.

“Carrying students through adopt energy-efficient behaviours in their daily lives on campus requires a combination of awareness, education and practical initiatives. Some of these strategies may include the university authorities should integrate efficiency and sustainability topics into their carry column across all disciplines. They should offer courses like on workshops and seminars that focus on sustainable practices and equip the students with knowledge and skills to make informed energy-related decisions.

He added that by using incentives and rewards, students will be motivated to ensure that energy is not wasted.

“We can also talk about rewarding initiatives. School authorities can offer incentives, rewards or even recognition to students who actively participate in energy -saving initiatives. Or demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency. This often could include awarding of certificates, prizes or even reduced energy costs for energy -conscious students or groups”

Mr. Tetteh further elaborated on the role of students in creating an energy efficient and sustainable environment on the university’s campus.

“Students need to take proactive steps to contribute to the collective effort of trying to create a sustainable energy efficient environment on campus. This could be done in ways such as raising awareness, reducing energy consumption, promoting renewable energy. We could also talk about sustainable transportation and the students need to also collaborate with the administration. There should also be financial assistance from the authorities for research works and students themselves as exemplary leaders.”

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