GFA Congress 2023: individuals involved in defaming GFA will be brought to justice soon-Kurt Okraku

Benjamin Sackey
Benjamin Sackey
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President of the Ghana football Association (GFA) Kurt Okraku says persons who are indulged in defaming the football association and its leaders will be brought to book in due course.

Mr. Kurt Okraku slammed individuals who fish out documents to malign and damage the image of Ghana football and its administrators for their malicious intents.

His comment come at the back of documents revealing that most of the appointees at the GFA are individuals related to the GFA boss either as a family member or friend.

Speaking at the 29th ordinary session of congress of the Ghana Football Association at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST) today, Mr. Kurt Okraku said persons who defame the Football association do not cause harm to the leader alone but Ghana football as a whole.      

“People go into the administrative part of our game fish out document and push these documents into the public space to malign people and to damage the image of our sport. This canker is still within the sport, the last two months we still have this scandal coming back to football when people find themselves picking up memos doctoring documents and using same to malign and damage individuals in our sport. Hon. Minister, what we fail to recognize is that such bad habit may be damaging to the leader of the FA but it is more damaging to the football governing body that we have,” Kurt Okraku lamented.

The FA boss went on to reveal that persons who are indulged in such an uncouth act have been reported to the security agencies for probe and will be brought to justice at the right time.

“In recent times people have these phones taking photographs and documents within the FA and same has been reported to the security agencies and soon people will be brought to Justice” the GFA boss added.

During the congress, the proposal for the filing fee of the aspirants was unanimously approved by members which implies presidential aspirants in the upcoming GFA elections would have to fork out GHC50,000 to enable them contest the elections.

A standard player contracts for players and clubs has also been introduced to ensure transparency and fairness prevails in contract situations.

The GFA has introduced a policy where old players will be taken care of and there will be attachments for coaches and support of the former players to broaden their knowledge in the game.

It was disclosed during the congress that there will be provision of busses for Ghana Premier League clubs, Division 1 clubs as well as women football clubs to aid transportation.

The GFA has worked assiduously to secure full ownership of the Ghanaman soccer of excellence at Prampram which will help the Football Association to generate revenue and to be used to hold activities by the GFA.


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