National politics won’t interfere our elections – NUGS EC PRO on upcoming congress

Cindy Selasi Humade Selasi Humade
Cindy Selasi Humade Selasi Humade
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Public Relations Officer of the Electoral Commission for the National Union of Ghana Students, Daniel Asare has established stronghold against political infiltration in the upcoming congress elections

He was speaking on Campus Exclusive on the congress elections of the union in relation to the current politicization of student leadership.

He conceded that even though political parties have infiltered electioneering process of student leadership, the electoral commission of NUGS is working to prevent any political parties to permeate through student leadership.

”For some time now we’ve had political infiltration where all political parties are so much interested in the election process of the union. One thing I can say is for we, the members of the Electoral Commission of the NUGS for this year, we were appointed to be colorless. We were appointed to make sure that the system is devoid of any political infiltration. And we are making sure that we work to the core so that no political machinations or anything is going to push through the kind of solidified wall that we have built around us. We are going to make sure that no political parties interferes in the elections.”

He revealed that though some political parties have approached them, he emphatically stated that the union is going to deny any political party access to be included in the electioneering process of the National union of Ghana Students.

”We are going to deny office from every political party. And I repeat, if any political party is having, you know, the mindset of coming to influence anything in this particular election, they should take it from me and from the entire Electrical Commission, that we are not going to allow that. We’ve had some calls from various political parties… We have denied a number of them and we will continue to deny. Should there be an instance where any of them would want to come and, you know, compromise this election, we will try as much as possible to expose them and let them know where they stand in this particular election. This is entirely for students and we are not going to compromise in any way.”

The NUGS Congress Elections is set to take place 

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