#UGDecides: I won’t accept an online onsite election – Dean of Students

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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Dean of Students Affairs at the University of Ghana, Prof. Rosina Kyerematen has indicated her objection towards an online onsite mode for the University of Ghana Student Representative Council (UGSRC) elections.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Campus Exclusive, she mentioned that an online offsite election would be less affordable and accessible to students.

“I would not pen my signature for an online onsite election. Last year’s SRC elections were done online but offsite, so why would we want to go back and do an online onsite? Online offsite is simple and with it, the link is sent to every student’s email, so you just have to access it if you have had your email activated. You just turn on your device thus your PC, your phone, or your laptop where ever you are whether on campus, on the field doing your project, or whatever, and wherever you are you can have access to it and vote.”

Prof. Kyerematen also questioned the security of the laptops to be used for voting.

She also explained that an onsite election would be costly due to many circumstances. 

“But if it’s on-site, it means that wherever you are, you have to stop and find a polling station where your name is on the register and vote. It means that laptops have to be either purchased or rented. How sure are we that those laptops are secured? What it also means is that you have to put people there to oversee the elections and all this means money.”

Prof. Kyerematen remarked that although the General Assembly has approved the Constitutional Instrument for an online onsite election, her office would eventually have to makethe final decision.

“Whether the General Assembly passed it or not if it’s wrong, it’s wrong and it will not be approved by my office.”

The Dean of Student Affairs had given a directive on 29th March, 2023, that all students elections in the University would be held online. 

In an effort to adhere to the directive as well, the Electoral Commision of the UGSRC presented the Constitutional Instrument for an online onsite mode for the SRC elections to the General Assembly.

Though it had been approved by the General Assembly, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs would have the final say on the mode of the SRC elections.

Story by | Frederick Kunzote-Ani | universnews.ug.edu.gh 

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