#UGDecides: I won’t accept a budget of Ghc 74k for SRC elections – Dean of Students

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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Dean of Students Affairs at the University of Ghana Prof. Rosina Kyerematen has vehemently asserted her refusal to accept the estimated budget for the SRC elections.

The budget is estimated at a total of Ghc 74,950 as presented by the Electoral Commissioner for the University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC-EC) to run the SRC elctions for this year. 

In an exclusive interview on Campus Exclusive, she mentioned that although she is yet to receive the budget from the EC, she expressed disapproval over the amount.

“I haven’t received their budget yet but do you seriously think I’ll approve of that? When last year I think it was Ghc 17,000 or so for the online offsite elections and so why would I agree to an online onsite that cost about 6 or 7 times what was spent last year? Why would I agree to that?”

Prof. Kyerematen indicated that she had been questioned over the huge amount of money for the online onsite elections.

“I have been called over questions concerning the estimated budget for the SRC elections this year. People want to find out why they were spending so much money over the elections.”

She revealed that although the General Assembly has approved the amount, her office would have to make the final decision over the budget.

“I mean the final approval is with my office. I am there to oversee students’ welfare and to make sure that things are done properly. I’m there to make sure that nobody abuses their office in any way. Whether the General Assembly passed it or not, my office would have the final say over the matter.”

At the time, the Dean revealed that a meeting will be held with the EC subsequently.

“I’m yet to have a meeting with the Electoral Commission and then they will present the budget and Constitutional Instrument to me. I have had a call from the EC and he said he is coming to see me with the CI and the budget and then I’ll look through it.”

The Electoral Commission of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council presented the Budget for the elections along with a Constitutional Instrument to hold the elections in online onsite mode to the General Assembly on 2nd, July, 2023. 

Though the budget has been approved by the General Assembly, there have been various calls by stakeholders to reduce the amount in the budget.

Story by | Frederick Kunzote-Ani | univers.ug.edu.gh 

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