UG: Arrested thugs to spend ten years in jail – SRC PRO

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Radio Univers
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The Public Relations Officer for the Students Representative Council of the Akakpo has disclosed that thugs who are caught lurking on campus are to be jailed for a decade.

He was speaking in an interview with Radio Univers on the recent reports of robbery attacks on students and members of the University of Ghana by thugs.

The robbers and thugs lurk in the shadows and ambush unsuspecting victims, stealing their possessions and inflicting harm.

The student body raised numerous worries to the administration and Student Representative Council about the safety issues on campus, prompting a town hall meeting by the management.

In order to guarantee safety, the University of Ghana Security and Police have apprehended a number of thugs following recent security issues on campus, including thievery attacks on students and members of the university community.

According to Richmond Akakpo these arrests, are part of an ongoing effort to ensure the safety and security of all members of the university community.

“In the past few days it has been quite an unhappy moment for the UG SRC as concerned as we are knowing that security issues on campus have been a bit tactic such that we have culprits or criminals here and there, young people attacking both faculty members and members of the university community.”

He added that the SRC had been collaborating with various security agencies to make progress in identifying the thugs.

“We actually liege with security agencies both the UG Security and the police service and in doing so we have been able to identify or have caught some few people which we refer to them as thugs.”

Richmond Akakpo also strongly condemned the recent attack on students by thugs, and has assured that the perpetrators will not be freed.

He added that two of the attackers are under trial in court and will be spending ten years in jail.

“As we speak to you two of them are being processed to court and they are hoping to spend ten years in jail which will be a lesson to people out there that they should be careful.”

Richmond Akakpo also appealed to all students of the university to stay safe and not use unapproved routes.

“Don’t just use any place, walk in groups when necessary” he said.

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