Sarkodie’s new song “Try Me” fuels ongoing beef with Yvonne Nelson

Deborah Yakohene
Deborah Yakohene
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Renowned Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has dropped a new single titled “Try Me,” which is causing waves across the music industry and intensifying his ongoing feud with actress Yvonne Nelson.

The release of this song has further escalated tensions between the two prominent figures in the entertainment scene, igniting a fresh round of verbal jabs and controversy.

“Try Me,” which released on Wednesday 28th June, 2023, serves as Sarkodie’s response to Yvonne Nelson’s claims of his involvement in an abortion of what could have been their child.

The song showcases the rapper’s signature lyrical prowess and biting verses. With its hard-hitting beats and compelling wordplay, “Try Me” has quickly become a hot topic among fans and critics alike.

The beef between Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson initially begun after the actress accused the rapper of compelling her to abort a pregnancy resulting from a relationship they both had in the past.

The actress made the revelation in the release of her memoir, which was meant as an avenue for the actress to openly speak on events in her life which shaped her into her present self.

In “Try Me,” Sarkodie fires back at Yvonne Nelson, addressing the accusations and hitting back with his own claims, where he denied compelling her to abort her pregnancy  among many other claims.

The song’s lyrics was filled with references to their past encounters and perceived grievances

While the track maintains a confrontational tone, it also highlights Sarkodie’s ability to deliver thought-provoking rhymes and storytelling elements.

The release of “Try Me” has triggered a storm of reactions on social media platforms, with fans and industry insiders voicing their opinions on the ongoing dispute. Hashtags related to the song and the feud quickly trended, further amplifying the controversy. Supporters of Sarkodie praise his lyrical prowess and consider “Try Me” a justified response to the actress’ claims.

Both Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson are influential figures in the Ghanaian entertainment scene, and their feud is garnering significant attention from the public.

“Try Me” is now available on various music streaming platforms, and its popularity is expected to soar as fans and critics analyze its lyrical content and dissect its connection to the ongoing beef between Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson.

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