AI expert highlights need for skill acquisition in technology for job market

Deborah Yakohene
Deborah Yakohene
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AI and Machine Learning Expert, Richard Nunekpeku has advised the development of skills in the use of artificial intelligence.

He was speaking to JoyNews on the integration of artificial intelligence in the job market in Ghana.

According to Richard Nunekpeku, artificial intelligence is intended at helping at reducing the work load on humans at work.

“Understanding of the concept of AI will be important in understanding whether it will effect in job losses or create new jobs. Because basically AI is supposed to help us perform tasks more effectively or more efficiently. We’ve been able to more or less generate a lot of data that at every point in time, if as humans we want to go through that data ourselves to be able to make the next best decisions, it is becoming difficult. So computers have come in play to ensure that as much as possible, we are able to effectively mind or more or less go through all that data that we have over time.

Richard Nunekpeku added that acquiring AI-based skills provides an advantage for individuals within the job market.

He advised individuals to acquire such skills to create job opportunities for themselves in the future.

“Ultimately, AI and its technologies will not  be able to do the job by themselves. Human beings must still have to input whatever outcomes AI is going to give us. So it means that we have to develop new skills. We need to rearrange our approach to work and also be ready for the next phase of the job market.”

He also believed that individuals who are savvy in the use of computers have an advantage when it comes to the acquisition of jobs.

“Tomorrow there will be jobs that will be available for persons who know how to use computers. So you who have not prepared yourself for that tomorrow will be out of the job market. It is not because AI has come into play. It is because you are not ready to be able to participate in the new opportunities that AI is creating.”

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