UG: John Dumelo donates streetlights to improve security on campus

Deborah Yakohene
Deborah Yakohene
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Popular Ghanaian Actor and politician John Dumelo has donated some LED streetlights to the University of Ghana.

He made the donations on the 25th of June, 2023.

These donations were in response to the need for streetlights at the Evandy and Bani Hostel stretch of the road after various attacks on students and lecturers had occurred over the past few weeks in the University of Ghana.

The attacks, which had mostly been happening at the Northern side of the University’s campus have usually ended in victims receiving brutal injuries.

One of the causes that have been blamed for the increase of attacks is the lack of proper lighting along the stretches around these hostels.

In a tweet posted on his handle, Dumelo announced the donation whist expressing hope for the benefits  these streetlights pose to the University. He went on to note that he would be donating more streetlights subsequently to help address the issue of security on campus by providing light all over campus.

“Last night, I donated floodlights/streetlights to the University of Ghana (Legon) security to be fixed on the Evandy/Bani hostel stretch of road. This will help brighten that road and hopefully reduce attacks by armed thieves on students. I will be donating more street lights in the upcoming weeks to brighten up the entire Legon campus.”

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