Climate expert suggests collaboration between universities, environmental organizations to address ecological issues

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Assistant Program Officer at Climate Change Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Mr. Isaac Kwabena Danso, has suggested a collaboration between environmental organizations and the University’s Community to train students on environment protection practices.

He was speaking in an exclusive interview with UniversNews, on the vital role that students play in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices on the university campus.

According to him, such collaborations would be helpful in the promotion of good environmental practices by students in their environment.

“The university can collaborate with institutions that work or engage in environmental activities such as the EPA, the Forestry Commissions and the likes to hold joint initiatives and share best practices that will help promote or address environmental issues both on campus and outside that campus.”

Mr. Danso spoke on the need to raise awareness on environmental issues among students whilst also citing some of ways that it can be achieved on campus.

“Some of the negative environmental practices or behaviors of students on campus may include excessive energy consumption, wasteful water usage and improper disposal of waste. And some of the ways this can be addressed is through awareness, creation and education as well as encouraging waste segregation. The issue about environment climate change should be a topic of the day. So at least in our various lecture halls wherever we meet, then we keep the conversation going. We talk about the environment and create more awareness and education on environment and climate change issues.”

Mr . Kwabena Danso Francis further highlighted the role of students in the fight against environmental concerns.

“Students can play key roles in the future in addressing the environmental issues and this can be done through innovation and research, continuous advocacy and activism, then adapt a sustainable lifestyle and also engage in policy and governance process so that our voices can be heard and help in addressing some of the interventions when it comes to the environmental issues.”

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the vital role that students play in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices.

It has hence become crucial to empower and support students in their environmental endeavors, as they represent the future leaders and stewards of our planet. Through collaboration and collective action, a way can be paved for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

Story by | Brian Herman Bebli-Dussey |

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