UG: We miss our ‘Vandal husbands’ – Volta Hall residents lament

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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Some residents from Volta Hall have said that they miss the noise and jama from the Commonwealth.

Speaking in an interview on Campus Exclusive during a Presidential Debate, President Elect for Volta Hall JCR, Eva Ayongo Bossoh stated that the absence of the ‘jama’ and accolades from the Vandals has left most residents in Volta Hall distraught.

“It hasn’t been fun, honestly, we miss them coming around with their ‘jama’ and noise and they will come and call us their ‘wives’ and we will respond ‘SHARP’. It doesn’t happen again and we are sad.”

Vice-President Elect for Volta Hall JCR, Princess Sesinam Afua Kodua added that though the University’s decision was taken in the students’ interests, the residents still miss the old Commonwealth students, whom she called their ‘husbands’.

“The Commonwealth Hall boys are ‘our husband’ and definitely if your husband has been taken away from you for some time, you will miss them. I will say the University’s decision I guess was for the best but we miss them and we feel lonely.”

General Secretary Elect for Volta Hall JCR, Jessica Tiwah Safo expressed the collective desire of Volta Hall residents to have the former residents from the Commonwealth Hall return to the hall. 

“For me, I am a Vandal Queen and I do miss them. These level 100s we don’t know them and they don’t even know that they are our ‘husbands’. So, this time they have us made us widows. We want them back, we miss the processions, and they coming around on Saturdays because that was what was entertaining us a bit. We pray they come back.”

She expressed worry over what she described as the disappearance of the Commonwealth Hall traditions.

“I feel like the Commonwealth tradition is going to die because most of the level 100 there don’t know anything about the tradition and the V-V alliance. So, once they are not there, it’s like they have burnt that tradition so they should review their decision and at least bring them back to us.”

The residents subsequently appealed to the University Management to reconsider the new residential policy in order to ensure the continuation of the Commonwealth Hall traditions.

“We believe the decision of the University Management was for the best but then looking at other circumstances they should review their decisions and at least sanction them with a different punishment and send them back to their hall since some of them actually began there so they probably haven’t adapted to the environment they have been moved to. The younger generation [in the hall] cannot keep up with the tradition of the Commonwealth Hall. And so, we think the in-out-out-out is not helping and they should bring back the old Vandals to be able to impact the lives of the level 100 commonwealth boys.”

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