NCCE not responsible for increasing child obstinacy – Regional Dir. disputes claims

Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
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The Ahafo Regional Director for the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Mr. Eric Adu has rubbished claims laid on the commission for the increasing rate of child obstinacy in the country.

He was speaking to Univers Akan Desk on the issue of poor parental care for children and its subsequent consequences on the country’s resources.

According to Mr. Eric Adu, the NCCE’s goal is to promote the rights and privileges that children in the society deserve, contrary to claims of its contribution to enforce juvenile regulations which encourage delinquency among children.

”People sometimes blame the commission for their immense contribution to strengthening juvenile regulations hence leading to the obstinance of children in society. The NCCE is only interested in promoting the right and freedom of children and not otherwise.”

Mr. Eric Adu attributed the rising delinquency among children to child labor and inadequate parental care which stems from teenage parents unable to properly raise their wards.

”I attribute the rising delinquency to child labor and the increasing number of childbirths among teenagers. When teenagers give birth, they find it difficult to effectively raise their children which subsequently subjects them to numerous forms of labor denying their children the adequate care they  need from their parents.”

As a solution to these issues, Mr. Adu charged parents and the society to ensure an adequate upbringing of children in the country to secure a better generational future.

He also called on national authorities to aid teenage parents in the raising of their children to ensure proper upbringing of children.

”I am pleading with parents, the society and other stakeholders to ensure children are well-trained to improve their future requirements and prevent other social vices. I am also calling on the authorities to take into consideration the interest of these teenage mothers in the society. It is necessary to help them raise their children whilst also promoting their personal care.”

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