Graduate researcher highlights role of religion in fight against climate change

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Graduate researcher at the Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies at the University of Ghana and Reverend Parochial Vicar at the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish in Accra, Fr. Francis Tayee Boley, has highlighted the role of religion to create awareness about climate change.

He was speaking in an interview with UniversNews. He was speaking on how religion influences the ability to fight climate change.

According to him, there has been the need for the topic of climate change to be raised in religious settings.

“We believe that there is a climate change because of what we are seeing. We are seeing the effect of climate change and that’s why even Pope Francis in 2015, he wrote an encyclical called ” Laudato si” to draw the attention of everyone to the effects of climate change because of the misuse of the environment.”

Rev Francis also urged religious leaders on campus to propagate the message of climate change to students on campus.

“Yes, if we have religious leaders here, it’s important that they also talk about the issue of climate change in their lectures, in their conversations, you know, and when there is a gathering and they are talking, it’s important they say something.”

Rev Francis further highlighted the need for students to become good stewards of the environment.

“When you read the Bible, from the very first beginning Genesis chapter 1 verse 28, after God created everything, then He put man in charge to be the steward. “

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