Two-party system in Ghana must end to enhance development – LPG Parliamentary candidate opines

Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
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The Assin North parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Party Of Ghana (LPG) in the central region, Mrs. Bernice Enyonam Sefenu has called for the end of the two-party system in Ghana’s leadership.

Mrs. Sefenu was speaking in an interview on High Radio Breakfast Show dubbed High Morning Breeze.

Mrs. Sefenu implied that the two-party system in Ghana is gradually retarding progress in development due to political struggle for power, hence the need for the country to end the trend and vote for different political parties to enhance development.

According to her, it is a major concern for the LPG, hence her contest in the upcoming by-election.

She believed that the LPG would win the by-elections with the development plans they have in store for the Constituency.

”The party has a lot of developmental plans for the Assin North constituents; its unveiling will win souls for the party to guarantee their victory in the forthcoming by-election slated for June 27, 2023. I want to change some how democracy is observed in the area, because now our democracy have been in two parties; if it’s not NPP,  then it’s NDC so I want to change it. That is why I said LPG will win, we have something different that will win the souls.”

Remarking some challenges that needed swift attention in the Assin North Constituency, Mrs. Sefenu underscored that the youth in the constituency must be assisted in several forms of business to reduce the unemployment rate.

She stressed that her party has plans to assist the youth in the area to venture in lucrative businesses and acquire entrepreneurial skills that will improve their living conditions.

”The youths flee to different communities for greener pastures as a result of the lack of jobs in Assin North. Supporting them with capital and other resources will equip them with the needed knowledge on various aspects of work to make life better for them and encourage them to stay in the community to contribute to its development.”

Mrs. Sefenu finally solicited for the votes of the residents in the constituency to break the two-party system on Ghana and create an avenue for development in the community.

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