MoGCSP condemns gender violence following assault of naked woman

Aba Adadziewaa Addison
Aba Adadziewaa Addison
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The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection has condemned the act of violence against females.

This follows a video from the internet showing a group of people beating and assaulting a naked woman who was identified to be a Fulani woman.

In a release dated June 13, 2023, the Ministry condemned the brutal act as a human right violation.

According to the Ministry, violence against women can be threatening to their overall well-being and health. 

Offences in the form of violence against women were strongly discouraged.

It further highlighted that such acts are set to be  punished by the law.

“The adverse consequences of violence on women and girls in relation to their health, psychological and emotional well-being compromise and undermine their development and this must not be encouraged. The Ministry strongly condemns this cruel, brutal, and barbaric act meted out to the young lady. This act is a blatant breach of her human rights and dignity and is thus punishable by law.”

The Ministry praised the Ghana Police Service for setting up a hunt for the culprits to arrange the meting out of justice.

The general public was then encouraged to provide any information that may aid in the capture of the culprits as well as report events of gender violence of any form to the authorities.

Citizens were also charged to be vigilant to observe that there are less instances of such violence.

“We applaud the Ghana Police Service for putting out a call for a manhunt for the culprits in the casc. As a result, the Ministry issues an appeal to the public to provide the police with any information that may enable the capture of the offenders. Finally, we advised the public to maintain their vigilance and report individuals who commit these unlawful acts.”

Read the full document for more details.


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