Ghanaian medical students in Ukraine lament Gov’t’s failure to pay monthly stipends

Deborah Yakohene
Deborah Yakohene
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Many Ghanaian medical students studying in Ukraine are facing expulsion threats from their universities due to delay in payment of their monthly stipends by the Ghanaian government.

The delay in payment has also left students struggling to meet their basic needs as they have not received their grants for months.

According to the students involved, the government had been repeatedly appealed to for the release of the monthly stipends. Unfortunately, their concerns had been left unresolved.

The delay in the payment is a breach of a promise by the government to support the students in Ukraine.

“The students took the risk and came to Ghana to try their luck when the war began, but they were sent back to their third and second years in Ukraine. The government promised that it would pay our fees and assured us that the fees would be paid. We have had many meetings, and we have proven that we are still in school and still attending lectures. The government promised us several times that it would pay, but we only realized that students in Ukraine had been removed from the list of students whose fees the government is paying.”

The delay in payment is only part of a trend by the government to promise students with funds to support their education, only to leave students stranded and at risk of deferment or expulsion.

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