Huge dump refuse in town is a threat to our health – Bediako residents lament

Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
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Residents of Bediako in the Asunafo North Municipality of the Ahafo Region are lamenting on the health threat of the enormous amount of dump refuse in the town.

Speaking to the media, they have pleaded with government to help clear the refuse dump in the area that has seemingly been existent for decades.

According to the residents, the horrible stench from the refuse dump can be perceived widely around the area.

The refuse dump also creates an avenue for the breeding of mosquitoes, which are one of the most common agents of diseases in the area.

”There are several adjoining houses close to the refuse site. Residents who live close to the scene have no option but bear the brunt of the pinching stench, breeding mosquitoes and filth of the refuse dumb over the years and decades.”

The residents also complained that recent onset of rains have aggravated the situation.

They claim that in rainy seasons, the rainwater coupled with strong winds tend to carry some of the refuse into their homes.

”The worst moments are during the rainy seasons and when the wind blows where rainwater and wind carry the filth into their homes, coupled with the stench of the water.”

Meanwhile, the residents still dispose their waste at the site as they claim they have no other option.

They have been pleading the government through the Assembly to evacuate the refuse dump from the town as soon as possible.

For them, the removal of the refuse dump would provide a breathable environment with less breeding grounds for mosquitoes and flies amongst many other disease agents.

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