UG: SRC encourages students to participate in upcoming blood donation exercise

Deborah Yakohene
Deborah Yakohene
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The Designate Head of the UGSRC Programmes and Projects, Graham Oduro is urging the student body to actively participate in the blood donation exercise to be held on Wednesday.

This is in commemoration of the World Blood Donor Day on Wednesday, 14th June, 2023.

The UGSRC blood donation exercise is scheduled to take place at the School of Languages.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive, Graham Oduro explained that the exercise was organised to contribute to the blood bank supply in the country in order to help patients in need of blood.

Graham Oduro dispelled the myths associated with blood donation. He urged potential donors to look beyond the relief items and consider the benefits they may get from donating blood.

“There are actually some benefits from donating blood to the donor, beyond the item 13. When blood is donated, the donor has less risk of developing heart diseases due to proper circulation of the blood from the reduced volume of blood. It also helps lower blood pressure. So frequent blood donors stand less chance of getting diseases related to the heart and high blood pressure. In the end, there’s nothing to worry about.

He further encouraged all the University populace to donate their blood as a contribution to the community.

“We would all want to get involved, we want to send a signal that it is actually a safe thing to do. Looking at the African community, we are built on a communal basis, which encourages us to support each other.”

The UGSRC blood donation exercise will take place on Wednesday 14th June, 2023, at the School of Languages in the University of Ghana. Students and members of the University community are encouraged to donate blood as part of the goal to provide for the blood bank.

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