Graduate Researcher calls for awareness on use of biomass briquettes

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Graduate researcher at the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Programme at the Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies, University of Ghana and co-founder of the thrivingwomenfoundation-Ghana, Ms. Doreen Larkailey Lartey has called for awareness to be raised on the use of biomass briquettes.

She was speaking in an exclusive interview with UniversNews on the use of biomass briquettes as an eco-friendly alternative to the use of firewood and gas as fuels in households.

Traditional cooking fuels, such as wood and charcoal sourced from the forests have long been the go-to choices for households and food vendors for cooking.

However, their widespread usage has had devastating consequences for the environment through emissions of large amounts of carbon gas among others. Recognizing the urgent need for change, biomass briquettes have emerged as a sustainable alternative.

Biomass briquettes are compact blocks made from renewable biomass sources, such as agricultural waste, sawdust, and crop residues.

They can be used as fuel for cooking over the use of firewood and gas.

Ms. Lartey explained that the use of briquettes would cost the environment less in comparison to traditional fuel sources, a reason for which she suggested the need for campaigns to educate the public on its use.

“…there is a need for education and training [on the use of of biomass briquettes]. There is a need for public awareness and campaigns as well. If we look at the cost and benefit analysis in terms of biomass being compared to what we would use, biomass briquettes is not going to cost the environment.”

According to her, the use of biomass briquettes presents an opportunity for proper waste management whilst acquiring fuel for efficient burning.

“These are materials that you can get from the agricultural residues from our farmlands. Biomass briquettes turns our misfortunes into fortunes and see values in our waste whilst giving us a better opportunity and burns efficiently.”

Ms. Lartey spoke at length on the need for communities to provide the briquettes for its members.

She also claimed that the biomass briquettes provide an avenue for business and employment through its production.

“So instead of going out there to get charcoal and other woods, a community can contribute to provide briquettes for its members. Energy becomes readily available for everyone. Production of biomass briquettes also provides employment and economic empowerment to people who engage in that sector; it also supports entrepreneurship.”

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