UG: GA members call for dissolution of SRC Dev’t board

Deborah Yakohene
Deborah Yakohene
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General Assembly

Some members of the General Assembly have called for the dissolution of the University of Ghana’s Student Representative Council’s Development Board.

This was stated in a letter addressed to the Speaker of the General Assembly, dated 4th June, 2023. The letter was a petition to the Speaker which was aimed at drawing attention to what the petitioners describe as the ‘unconstitutionality’ of the SRC’s Development Board.

According to the petitioners, namely Seidu Rashid and Mudassir Braimah, the appointment of the board was unconstitutional, as such that the act under which the board was formed had not been passed by the General Assembly.

“First of all, the Act that purports to establish the Board was not passed by the General Assembly. Indeed, minutes of the General Assembly from the 2021/22 academic year do not contain any evidence that the said Act was ever properly laid before the House, deliberated upon and approved by the House following the procedures stated in the SRC constitution. The Act in its Transitional Provisions, schedule 11.0 states, ‘In not more than a year after the passage of this Act, the Executive Council shall ensure the operationalization of the Fund’. A passage of an act is the duty of the General Assembly and this Act was never passed by the General Assembly.”

The petitioners described the board as ‘alien’ to the General Assembly as there was no present evidence that the board had been approved by the Assembly.

“Additionally, the Board is an alien to the General Assembly, It simply quoted in the SRC constitution article 78 clause (i) Any person appointed by the General Assembly, Executive Officers to serve on any Committee in this University to which the SRC has representation shall report to the General Assembly.’ Furthermore clause (ii) spelt clearly, the General Assembly shall approve nominees for such committees, councils and Boards. There is no evidence of these individuals on the fund being approved by the General Assembly, which is the recognized highest decision making body of the UGSRC.”

The petitioners concluded by requesting for the withdrawal of the board as well as a stop to their activities.

They are of the view that projects are to be completed within the confines of the law, hence the need for the board’s withdrawal.

“We would like to state unequivocally that the Act is unconstitutional hence be withdrawn and activities of the said board put to a halt. We agree in principle that there is a need for the SRC to embark on a hostel project, however this should be done within the confines of law.”

Read the statement below for the details.

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