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The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the University of Ghana Student Representative Council (SRC), Richmond Jackson has promised that the food bank initiative of the SRC has been initiated to last.

He was speaking at a press conference organized by the UGSRC with the aim of briefing the media groups, PROs of satellite campuses, JCRs, departments, and the entire students’ populace on the activities of the SRC.

The press engagement which seeks to happen every Monday, started off on Monday 22nd, May 2023 at the UGSRC Union Building. The conference was dubbed “How far, so far”.

The UGSRC P.R.O stated that the Food Bank initiative will seek to provide food items to support students with financial constraints who are in need of food .

He explained that the food bank project will achieve success and effectiveness through the contributions of endowed students and corporate individuals who are willing to donate.

“The Food Bank initiative has come to stay within the bill which has been passed, such that we will have food items procured with the aim of the UGSRC by leasing with corporate individuals, students who are endowed, management, faculty members, and individuals who can donate to support”

Richmond Jacskon also expressed his concern for students who face challenges in providing themselves with food after paying off their school arrears.

He reassured that the food bank project will assist in supplementing students in that regard.

He further stated that the UGSRC will explore various avenues to secure the necessary financial resources to fund the project to ensure it stays.

“After paying school fees and hostel fees, what else? You need food to be able to carry out your daily activities and so the food bank initiative within the welfare comes in to supplement students in that regard. The SRC will find a way to fund the food bank project.”

The Food Bank Initiative was launched by the UGSRC to provide food for students who find themselves financially constrained.

The initiative is part of the Welfare Act that was passed at the General Assembly’s sitting on April 27, which seeks to address issues of welfare for the University of Ghana students.

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