GIMPA Law Students Association launches ‘Makola Entry’ initiative

Sika Togoh
Sika Togoh
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The Law Students Association of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) has launched an initiative christened ‘Makola Entry’ , which is aimed at preparing final year students for the Ghana School of Law entrance exams.

The initiative is the first of its kind under the auspices of the Law Students Association and  is intended to offer guidance and mentorship sessions to predominantly final year students in the coming years to ace their chances of entering the professional law course.

The first phase of the programme was held on April 13,2023 at the Dr. Daniel McKorley Moot Court at the GIMPA Faculty of Law.

The seminar was led by three experienced faculty members who served as academic mentors and guides to the patrons of the well attended event ,which drew participation from both students and staff of the institution.

The programme is structured into 5 key areas which are crucial in the process of training prospective applicants and is as follows;

  • Mentoring and guidance
  • Classroom training
  • Mock tests and assessments
  • Doubt- clearing sessions
  • Deployment of online resources.

The key objectives of the Initiative are to equip students with problem solving skills, provide assignments and tests to gauge their understanding of concepts , identifying their weaknesses and providing personalised support as well as creating mentor-mentee opportunities with senior members of faculty to provide expertise on outstanding areas to work on.

The main aim of the authors of the strategy document is to create a long term guide for successive  Executive members of the Law Students Association to have a  seamless mode of ensuring that a healthy number of students graduating from the Law Faculty ,are well prepared to ace the entrance exams and boost their chances of becoming fully fledged lawyers in the ensuing years.

The policy initiative is subject to yearly reviews by officials of the Association to meet the changing dynamics and demands that will crop up on a case by case basis.

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