UBaSSA Games 2023: Team UG coach delighted with his side’s performance despite limited preparations

Benjamin Sackey
Benjamin Sackey
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Coach of University Basic School, Legon Osei Edward Asibe has indicated that his side did their best in the UBaSSA games 2023 despite encountering some challenges that hampered their preparations.

Mr. Assibey noted that even though they couldn’t attain the ultimate goal thus host and win but they can be proud about the areas that they did well to win laurels.

UG basic school won two trophies that is the primary boys football and primary boys athletics category.

In an exclusive interview with Univers sports on the sports Express show, Mr. Osei Edward Asibe believes that inadequate preparations affected his side and the best prepared team came out triumphant.

“I think that we did what we possibly could, we tried our best. Of course if you’re competing you should know that there are other teams who are eager to win some laurels so probably those whose preparations were better at the end of the day are likely to do well as compared to us. We did our best although host and win did not happen. I think that we can be excited about one or two key areas that we won prizes in and based on the limited period we had for preparations it is not that bad. So generally I think that our performance wasn’t bad considering the limitations that we had in preparations. We haven’t done badly at all, the primary boys won athletics and the primary boys won football those were the two trophies that we won,”he explained to Univers Sports.

Further speaking, Mr.Asibe blamed the altercation that happened in the course of the JHS boys football match on poor officiating and alluded to the central referee overlooking some infringements in the game as a major contributing factor to the mishap.

He urged UBaSSA executives to appoint competent officiating officials to handle football as well as other disciplines and by so doing altercations at various venues would be curtailed.

“The referee on the day I wouldn’t say did perfectly right when there is obvious infringements that is overlooked it gives  other group the chance to do same. I think that it was bad officiating that was to be blamed for the incident that happened but going forward I think that  our young children need to learn the basic rules of the game. If we really want to move high so far as soccer or sport is concerned it boils down to discipline. I mean in football it is win, lose or draw so as a person you have to accept the result that you get especially if it is fairly done but this is the case that the central referee on the day was not at his best and that one resulted in the altercation that happened.

Going forward I think that the officials should be spoken to to be fair and firm in whatever decision that they make. I’m sure if everybody get treated fairly you accept and move on but when it appears as if things have been skewed against you then naturally you’ll respond if you feel agitated and we will have some of these mishaps possibly happening. Maybe UbaSSA executives will have to sit down and draw the rules governing some of these games particularly football and all other disciplines that will be participating in at the UBaSSA so that we will know that is going through fair process and at the end of the day whoever wins will be applauded and if you lose you should be grateful and move on,” Mr. Asibe told Univers Sports.

Mean while, KNUST basic school team coach Emmanuel Steward Ametor Mawuli attributed their failure to emerge as the over all champions of the games to limited period for preparations and assured that his side will work on their shortcomings and win the next edition of the games when they host it in Kumasi next year.

“We will say that we didn’t have enough time to prepare our pupil very well so that has actually affected us. We are hoping and praying that next year the department that we were lacking that is the table tennis we will prepare our pupil very well and we are sure that we will win and we are confident of host and win next year. With the altercation I will encourage UBaSSA to bring a lot of security personnel around and also the executives must sit down and agree that whatever happens or any unsportmanship thing should be sanctioned,” he told Univers Sports.

UCC basic school emerged as the over all champions after claiming six trophies, KNUST basic school won the silver medal with three trophies and UMAT basic school and UG basic school were levelled with two trophies each and they won the bronze medal.

The next edition of the UBaSSA games in 2024 will be hosted by KNUST basic school in Kumasi.

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