Fix Ghana’s economy – TUC Regional Chairman to Gov’t

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Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Mr. Daniel Amanfo Acquah has called on the government to fix Ghana’s economy.

He was speaking at the 2023 May Day celebration in Kumasi, dubbed: “Protecting Income and Pensions in an Era of Economic Crisis: Our Responsibility.”

Mr. Daniel Amanfo Acquah explained that the current economic status of the country is poor hence therefore requiring attention from the government to improve upon its state.

According to Mr. Acquah, improving the national economy will promote and sustain the dedication of Ghanaian workers to improve productivity in the Ghanaian industry.

He added that the sullen state of Ghana’s economy should be brought to an end.

“We are in an economic crisis and things can’t happen this way for long.”

Mr. Acquah also put emphasis on the need to safeguard decent jobs that allow workers to earn regular income.

According to him, many workers are losing their jobs as a result of rights infringement by some employers.

He added that some employers are capitalizing on the weakness of the labor law by replacing permanent employment contracts with fixed-term contracts.

Mr. Daniel concluded that these amongst others are the reason the government should promptly execute measures in reconstructing the economy to ensure the welfare of Ghanaian workers.

Meanwhile, the Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. Simon Osei Mensah, acknowledged the “shaky” situation of Ghana’s economy while reassuring the populace that all hope was not lost.

However, he claimed that the government was putting strict measures in place to lessen the economic difficulties.

The Minister stressed that Ghana’s attempts to lower commodity costs, particularly the price of fuel, were a definite sign that the country was making progress. He also described how the rise in fuel prices had an impact on nearly everything.

Mr. Osei Mensah urged Ghanaian workers to maintain faith in the government as it is makes effort to address the nation’s economic problems.

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