UG to delete student email accounts 6 months after graduation effective May 30

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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The University of Ghana has announced plans to delete students’ email accounts six months after their graduation or withdrawal from the university. This new policy comes as a response to recent changes made by Google, which have reduced the storage allocation per user.
Google recently switched from providing 1TB of storage per user to shared storage for the entire organization. This change prompted the University of Ghana to implement a new policy to ensure that its storage resources are used efficiently and effectively.

According to a recent announcement signed by the Chief Information Technology officer at the University of Ghana Computing Systems, Francis Boachie, to avoid losing important data, students were advised to take the take some steps;
First, they should be mindful of their storage usage and limit it to what is necessary for their studies. Second, students should regularly clear out any unwanted or unnecessary files, and avoid using storage-intensive media files. Finally, students are encouraged to back up all their important data to an external location to avoid loss of data when the account is deleted.

The statement further urged students to clear important documents from their mails.

“We understand that you may have important emails or documents saved in your account that you may want to keep. Therefore, we would like to request that everyone clears their student email account of all those details as soon as possible to ensure that they do not lose any important information. “

Effective from May 30th, 2023, the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS) will assume that everyone using their student email and had graduated from 2011 to 2021 had cleared their account. UGCS will proceed with deleting all such email accounts that fall into these categories without any further prompting. Therefore, it is essential that students take the necessary steps to back up and clear their email accounts as soon as possible to avoid losing any important data.

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