President’s Cup National Swimming Championship: Blue Fins, Legon Swim Club Seek to Impress

Benjamin Sackey
Benjamin Sackey
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There may not be many ‘meets’ within the calendar year, but  the President’s Cup National Swimming Championship  remains the spark of the Swimming Sport here in Ghana.

The championship which is sanctioned by the Ghana Swimming Association is expected to light up the professional Swimming community, when the MEET marks its return on Saturday April 29th, 2023  at the Legon Swimming Pool.

A number of Swim clubs will be battling for honors in the 100mbutterfly, 100m Back stroke, Breast stroke, and  freestyle events.

Amidst high expectations Univers sports has been tracking the training regimes and  monitoring activities in the camp of The Legon Swim club and blue fins swim club.


Emmanuel Sam who happens to be Club Administrator and coach of the Legon Swim club disclosed that they are going for the ultimate.

“With legon swimming club we are in good expectation we are in good condition. Swimmers have been training so hard and we are comfortable that coming Saturday we are going to be crown the champions  of the day. Looking back we went to Togo during the Easter break and we as a club managed to win more gold medals which made us the champions for the tournament in Lome. Our swimmers have been in shape since that time and also with the likes of Jonathan Samens, Christian Nortey, Ebenezer Rahman who are in top form this season to show off during the president’s cup. So this is a huge one but then we as a team fighting together believe we can win the trophy and we can be crown the champions” he disclosed to Univers Sports.

Another Popular Swim club  in Ghana, the Blue Fins, owned by Ghana’s Triathlon champion will feature swimmers in the Presidents Cup National Swimming championship  are bent on using the tournament to build the skill set in events where they do not have good hold.

Head coach for Blue Fins, Desmond Amponsah spoke about the preparations of the team and the techniques they are working on to ensure the players  stay fit for the upcoming championship.

“The club is working on strokes and then technique, each individual is working on strength and weakness to prepare them adequately for the upcoming meet. For some of our swimmers is going to be their first time so we are not over expectant in performance. We’ve told our swimmers to do what they can do, do their best and also enjoy the process not necessarily the outcome because they might get discouraged if they don’t get the first, second or third place” he said.

He also urged them to give off their best to achieve their goal for the championship.

 “We want them to just perform by doing their best, whatever they have practice at training they should just exhibit it. we believe they are going to drop their time and enjoy the whole process. For our experience I’d say those who have been with us for a very long time and have had several competitions they will still be remembered of what to do their best there is going to be a lot of clubs coming around so they should just enjoy the rivalry” He told Univers Sports.

Story by: Godfred Dampte-Larbi



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